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Hailing from Oslo, Norway, Circumnavigate produce a cinematic soundscape like no other; Their 3 piece harmonies float delicately amidst their warm string sections and trumpet lines, producing a sound which could only be conjured in landscapes of such beauty.


Comprising of an ensemble of multi-instrumentalists at the top of their game, the members of Circumnavigate have played for some of London's most respected artists, including Foxes, Romans, Martin Luke Brown, Maverick Sabre & Crystal Fighters. Their passion to create beautiful music, and their knowledge drawn from a wealth of material and influence, evokes emotions in commercial music which are yet to be experienced. Their haunting live performances and grass roots promotion have laid the foundations allowing their reputation to precede them.


Lifelines, the band’s first single off the back of a successful debut EP, Stranger, was released earlier this year and received successful write ups in both Music Week and Distortion Magazine.


“Their music drifts you away and glazes listeners into a

musical haze as though they are viewing the beauty of the northern lights without seeing them.” - Karma Bertelsen (Music Week)


Produced by Steven Bentley-Klein (Paolo Nutini, Deep Purple, Rod Stewart) and mixed by Peter Norris (Imogen Heap, Morcheeba, Frank Zappa), Circumnavigate have continued to work with the original lineup for their forthcoming album; Added to this, Circumnavigate, now exploring more electronics within their music, have called in renowned DJ and Producer Tom Frampton (Chuckie, David Guetta) to mix the band’s forthcoming single ‘Breathe Slow’, due for release later this year.


In 2014 the band signed with major Hollywood sync company, Cutting Edge, responsible for such soundtracks as: Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings & Gladiator, on a 3 song deal, however, their love for collaboration in film did not stop there;
As well as this, Circumnavigate have more recently been linked to 2016 movie soundtracks ‘Miles’,‘The Swimmer‘ & ‘Polly Filmore’ (Short).


With the release of their forthcoming album, Circumnavigate are planning a healthy schedule of gigs both in their native Scandinavia, as well as the London circuit. The first on their list is Oslo Rockefeller on October 22, 2015.

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